7 Things you do not want to miss in Myrtle Beach

Published: 30th April 2010
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Many adults have begun to plan their vacations to destinations that accommodate the serious golfer. Many of America's most popular golf resorts reside in the Sun Belt, where weather is accommodating for outdoor activities for most months throughout the year. These resorts are geared toward providing a great vacation experience for everyone, from the advanced golfer to the weekend duffer to families.
Most golf resorts include hotels with great amenities such as swimming pools, day spas and fine dining. Resorts that do not have a golf course on the premises normally provide free travel to and from the popular golf courses in the area. At many of these resorts, special golf packages can be purchased which will include room, green fees and sometimes dining packages.
Finding just the right hotel for your Myrtle Beach vacation can be a little overwhelming, there are so many choices and all claim to be the best. While there are many websites out there that are supposed to help find the best hotels at the best rates in this South Carolina resort, travelers should do a little groundwork before they lay out their credit card. Those who plan their vacation with a few simple steps in advance should be able to get an ocean front hotel that fits their needs, all in a price that will make other travelers jealous.
Looking around Myrtle Beach, you will see people golfing, parasailing, dining, and swimming. These are the 7 things you do not want to miss on your trip.
1. Golfing Anyone who has any interest in golfing needs to check out a few of the amazing courses Myrtle Beach has to offer.
2. Dining There is a host of wonderful restaurants to choose from, ranging from small diners to large upscale restaurants. One you need to hit on your trip is Tommy's Bahama's Tropical Cafe.
3. Drinking While traveling, many people like to visit local Taverns and Pubs and sample some local drinks. The Flynn's Irish Tavern is a great place to do this in Myrtle Beach.
4. Condos You haven't truly experienced vacationing until you have stayed in a Condo instead of a hotel. This is something not every Myrtle Beach Visitor's Guide will tell you.
5. Ocean Front Hotels With over 400 hotels, you can find one that suits your needs. Many of the hotels offer Ocean Front views, and all of the most modern amenities. Flat screen televisions, free wireless internet, and fitness rooms are just a few of the amenities these hotels provide.
6. Coupons Many of the attractions in Myrtle Beach can be fairly expensive if you pay full price. There are many coupons available for dining, golf, attractions, hotels, and more.
7. Attractions There is a variety of attractions to suit every interest. With theaters, local music scenes, outdoor activities, and family centered attractions
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is a beautiful place to visit. While there are some amazing restaurants in and even around Myrtle Beach many resorts where guests stay offer some extensive menus as well. These are ideal for those who are tired after being out all day at the beach or seeing the attractions. These restaurants at hotels offer dining rooms as well as room service so guests can relax for an evening or start their day off in their room while they prepare for what exciting thing they plan on doing next on their vacation.
While the sunny beach and the green golf courses may be the main attractions for most visitors it is the food that many end up raving about after they return home. With such a huge variety and some of the top chefs around visitors can eat somewhere new each meal for a week and never even begin to taste it all.

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